San Diego Comic-Con 2016 recap: VR Panels

It’s easy to forget that San Diego Comic-Con is a non-profit entity that hosts educational panels. For decades they have offered how-to panels for budding writers, storytellers, illustrators, makers, and more. This year they offered panels related to virtual reality as well. SDCC keeps count of how many people attend each panel and based upon the attendance I saw this year I think next year there will be plenty more VR discussion at the con. Continue reading “San Diego Comic-Con 2016 recap: VR Panels”

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 recap: VR Experiences

San Diego Comic-Con is a venerated institution of pop culture. What began as a gathering of comic book fans decades ago has since assimilated fandoms for fantasy and science fiction, movies, television, tabletop and video games, and now virtual reality. VR has been present at SDCC for the past few years but in limited capacity. 2016 changed that, with virtual reality being visible everywhere in and around the San Diego Convention Center. There were many opportunities to try VR experiences, there were daily panels discussing the topic of VR, and there were prosumer meet-ups. Continue reading “San Diego Comic-Con 2016 recap: VR Experiences”

Virtual reality at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 (updated 7/19)

For the past few years there have been virtual reality experiences available at San Diego Comic-Con, but to say that VR was a presence at the con would be to overstate it. The 2014 convention had a 90-second X-Men experience on Oculus Rift at the Fox booth and a Sleepy Hollow Rift experience of about the same duration at on off-site location. The 2015 convention had OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead VR experience available at Walker Stalker Fest, which was an off-site event. 2016 has been crowed as The Year of Virtual Reality. This year’s SDCC will reflect that with enough VR to strain a VR blogger’s schedule. Continue reading “Virtual reality at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 (updated 7/19)”

Review of my PSVR demo

Sony is running demos of its upcoming PlayStation VR headset at select Best Buy and GameStop stores. It took me three visits to three different stores, but I finally got to demo the the PSVR for myself today. The actual experience of finding a store where the Sony representative appeared as scheduled was a negative experience. I’ll air my grievances on that matter at the bottom of this review. I want to start with the positive: the PSVR is a fine piece of hardware. Continue reading “Review of my PSVR demo”