My favorite apps after one year with Gear VR

One of the reasons why I first bought a Samsung smartphone was because there were accessories for it. For years I was jealous of all the fabulous add-ons that iPhone users could buy. As soon as Samsung’s Galaxy line was a break out hit I got in on it. I bought all of the add-ons. Continue reading “My favorite apps after one year with Gear VR”

VRLA Summer Expo 2016 recap

Virtual reality is in its “Wild West” days. I’ve heard that phrase oft repeated but as a consumer of VR my exposure to the Wild West is limited to trying to make the right choice when I buy something. On August 6, 2016 I visited the VRLA Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center and there I got to understand the saying a little better. Continue reading “VRLA Summer Expo 2016 recap”

Review of The New Revolution VR coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

When I was a kid visiting Magic Mountain in the 1970s the Great American Revolution roller coaster was a big deal. I remember waiting in line for it for hours. I remember almost chickening out except my friend dared me to ride it. I also remember doing the same thing to him. Two decades later, when that same friend and I were back in the park, the Revolution was only worth riding if there was no line. It was eclipsed by bigger, newer attractions. Two decades after that, nearly forty years after the Revolution was built, Six Flags had a tired coaster on its hands, one that is a centerpiece of the park and one that packed diminished thrills. Their solution was to fit the coaster with virtual reality goggles and allow riders the option of riding with or without wearing them.

Continue reading “Review of The New Revolution VR coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain”