I watched the presidential debate in virtual reality

I hadn’t planned to watch the presidential debate. Arriving home from work on Monday, I kicked off my shoes, sat on the sofa, and turned on the idiot box. The last time my television was turned off it was on network TV, so when I turned it on there were the talking heads just getting started. My wife was still working; my entertainment destiny was in my own hands. On a whim I donned my Gear VR and launched AltspaceVR.

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What if PSVR fails to take VR mainstream?

I read an article on Forbes this morning questioning what happens to virtual reality if PlayStation VR fails to take it mainstream. The author didn’t really go down the rabbit hole of “what if” as much as he discussed VR’s current state and why consumers might be passing on the tech. In my head it’s been a foregone conclusion that PSVR is going to carry the tech into every US home, but now I’m really wondering what if. Continue reading “What if PSVR fails to take VR mainstream?”

Dodocase SMARTvr review

For a couple of years now I’ve been finding 360 videos on YouTube, adding them to a watch list, and neglecting to watch them. I keep telling myself that I’ll get to them during my lunch hours, while I eat in my truck. I never do. The primary reason is because I never bring along a headset. Both my Viewmaster and Gear VR are too cumbersome for the task and I really should just get something that can live in the truck. It’s with that in mind that I backed the Indiegogo campaign for Dodocase’s SMARTvr pocket-sized viewer back in March 2016. It arrived over the weekend. Now that I’ve used it for a few days here’s what I think about it. Continue reading “Dodocase SMARTvr review”

Sony has announced contents of PSVR demo disc

Sony is hosting an event tomorrow at which they’re expected to announce updated PS4 models. The real question hanging over them is do the new models offer an advantage for users of the forthcoming PlayStation VR. In the lead up to the event Sony has taken advantage of the hype by announcing details about the demo disc included with the PSVR. Continue reading “Sony has announced contents of PSVR demo disc”

Facebook introduces 360 video stabilization

At the @Scale Conference in San Jose, California this week Facebook announced that they are internally testing video stabilization for 360° videos hosted on Facebook.com. It’s really easy for 360 videos to give people motion sickness. There are best practices to be employed when recording them but most consumers either don’t know or don’t care about those practices. People treat 360 cameras like they treat GoPro cameras, but a 360 view from atop helmets and surfboards makes for nauseating viewing. Fortunately Facebook is coming to the rescue of consumers and is doing something important for the growth of virtual reality. Continue reading “Facebook introduces 360 video stabilization”