My Gear VR is gathering dust

PlayStation VR being an October release made a lot of sense for Sony. PlayStation VR being an October release also made for a purchase that sat idle until my end-of-year vacation. Being a married man who works outside of the house I don’t want to spend the limited time I have with my wife by ignoring her from under the goggles. My habit with Gear VR, and Cardboard before it, is to use it in those moments when she’s occupied and when I’m not. Besides finding an appropriate window of time there’s a physical component of my using the PSVR that had me wondering if I’d really ever put any miles on it. I thought that at least the Gear VR would be my frequent VR experience and the PSVR would be the special occasion one. Here at the end of January I can say that I had that backwards. My Gear VR has been collecting dust ever since my December vacation. Continue reading “My Gear VR is gathering dust”