My visit to IMAX VR Experience Centre

A couple of weeks ago the first virtual reality arcade in Los Angeles opened: the IMAX VR Experience Centre. I had planned to wait a month or so before visiting but enthusiasm got the better of me and I impulse bought tickets for Monday, February 20, 2017. Even though I’m pretty well experienced with virtual reality I hadn’t yet tried an arcade. Plus IMAX VR was offering things that I don’t have access to at home. I went in jittery with excited fanboy adrenaline. Continue reading “My visit to IMAX VR Experience Centre”

The PSVR blues

When Sony announced PlayStation VR last year there was a lot of noise from the peanut gallery about the number of launch titles and after-launch support. The concern was that there wouldn’t be enough content to justify buying the goggles. Sony promised there’d be enough and I think they delivered. Between launch and Christmas there was plenty of content released – at least enough to keep me going into January. I still have titles on my wishlist that I haven’t bought. Since Christmas, though, there’s been a lull in new titles. The peanut gallery is making noise again. Terms like “dead” and “abandoned” are being used by some. The more prolific VR news sites have started publishing pieces trying to reassure fans that Sony isn’t walking away from PSVR. Continue reading “The PSVR blues”