I’m thinking about buying a VR mask

One of the things I do when I’m bored is that I start thinking of all the things I want to buy. This is followed by a lengthy period of convincing myself that I truly need these things and that I need them immediately. A quick glance at my bank account and brief thought about why I’m trying to save money are the final process before this fool parts with his money. It’s a bad process, I admit it. Usually once I look at my bank account I realize why I haven’t bought yet. So here I am now, bored, thinking that I need a re-usable VR mask to use while I’m at San Diego Comic-Con. I went last year and tried all the VR experiences that I could. I plan to do the same this year only this year I plan to also consider hygiene. While I was at VRLA I saw some sample masks.

Gathered at VRLA

The VR Ninja Mask was the biggie at VRLA. These guys were literally handing them out like a pamphleteer on a crowded street corner. I think they handed me a couple and I found a stack sitting around and grabbed a couple more. They look disposable, kind of cheap, and certainly not designed for looks. I think they’re made to have corporate logos printed on them and then get handed out at places like San Diego Comic-Con and VRLA. Checking out their site, they only sell in bulk. If I do buy it’s not going to be these.

Photo courtesy of Vskull

The VR mask that appealed to me most was the Vskull. There was a guy walking around the con wearing one and passing out business cards. Out of context it’s very ski mask/convenience store robber and it was jarring to see the guy at the expo at first. The more I thought about it the closer I came to buying one. Even today I nearly impulse bought one. The thing that’s stopping me is that it would cover my ears. I use over-the-ear headphones with my PSVR, but I use earbuds with my Gear VR. I don’t use my Gear much and I don’t know that I’d have the Vskull handy when I do use it, but somehow this is a sticking point with me for right now. I want one thing that works with all the things.

Photo courtesy of VRubbers

The third face mask that I saw at VRLA is from VRubbers. The website has them up for pre-order but I saw a final product at the expo. This one looks like a bandit mask. I actually prefer its minimal design over the Vskull. It allows earbuds to be worn, check. It isn’t a cowl so I imagine that it’ll swab up less forehead sweat than the Vskull, check. That’s important to me if I’m to wear it a few times on a hot San Diego day. In fact, had I been able to buy today I would have. I have the lady’s business card. Perhaps I should email her. Or perhaps I should keep saving my dough.

Photo courtesy of GameTech

After checking out these options I thought there has to be something more out there. A quick Google search led me to the GameTech PlayStation VR Face Mask. This appears to be exactly what I want for home use, not for convention use. It’s perfectly designed for my PSVR and the exposed ears will allow me to use it with Gear VR. The discovery of the GameTech mask really throws a wrench in my decision making. It’s perfect for one situation but not all of them. That was enough of a reason to pass on the Vskull.

I didn’t realize it until just now but I really have a couple of checkboxes for a VR mask. I want something that allows my ears to accept earbuds and I want something that won’t cover my entire head. If I’m to buy a mask off of this list, then VRubbers is the winner. It’s a pity they’re not for sale yet. I guess for San Diego Comic-Con I’ll bring along my VR Ninja Masks and save my money today.