I love JobBot

As tethered virtual reality headsets started shipping in early 2016 there was an eruption of content for them. One of the titles that stood out was Job Simulator by Owlchemy Labs. It got big laughs, big reviews, and was used to showcase the whimsical side of virtual reality for those new to VR. It was one of the first experiences I bought and played once my PSVR was delivered. Even though the game only lasts a short while and has limited replayability I developed a fondness for the main character, JobBot. I strongly considered cosplaying as him (it?) at San Diego Comic-Con and was stopped only at the challenge of transporting the costume on the train along with my luggage. Back in March I pre-ordered a JobBot plush toy from iam8bit.com and it has just arrived.

The plush is almost the exact same size as the tissue box on my desk. It’s mostly square-shaped and has a smooth, slightly stiff bottom so that it doesn’t roll over when sitting on a surface. It’s pretty much the spitting image of JobBot as seen in the game. It has a green face screen with an expression I recognize. Its face screen, name tag, and power button all glow in the dark which I’m sure will delight the night custodians. On its backside it has a red ring attached to a short drawstring. Pulling the ring makes JobBot talk: “I love my job,” “Keep working and you’ll get a promotion… maybe,” and more.

It’s the fate of my JobBot plush to be a desk accessory at my job. Since I’m the only person in the office who’s into virtual reality I expect I’ll receive a lot of questions about it. And since I’m the only one with a reference to the game’s humor I imagine that pulling the drawstring to make it talk won’t get many laughs. I don’t even care about other people enjoying him though. He makes me smile and that’s his job now. Get to work, JobBot!

Next on my list to buy is a Fantastic Contraption t-shirt – a little something to wear at conventions or while I’m under the goggles.