The VOID has solid competition

When I was first getting excited about virtual reality a couple of years ago there was one experience above all else that I wanted to try: The VOID. At that time they hadn’t yet built their home base in Utah and they hadn’t opened installations in other cities. You basically needed to know a guy or you needed to visit one of their installations on the rare occasion one was open. For those that aren’t aware of The VOID they offer a premium mixed reality experience. You wear trackers, a backpack, goggles, and carry a prop as you navigate their VR space. It requires physically walking around and interacting with items while your eyes are covered over with virtual reality goggles. What you get is tactile and environmental effects that match what you see, although what you see is virtual. My desire to try their set-up was so strong that I had planned a road trip to Linden to visit their facility, but before I would go they opened a location near-ish to me. I jumped at the chance. Shortly after I tried The VOID I had the opportunity to try other, similar experiences and I see now that while I put The VOID on a high pedestal there are others that deserve the same high regard. Continue reading “The VOID has solid competition”