Virtual reality at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (updated 7/14)

This year is my second year of attending San Diego Comic-Con as a “virtual reality blogger.” That title bestows no special privilege, though. In every measure I am just an average attendee only my schedule is slanted with a specific agenda: do all of the VR stuff at the con. I have given up on the big pop culture panels in order to maximize my virtual reality experiences. It worked out pretty well last year and I’m eager to try again. One of the things that I did last year was to post about the VR offerings at the con, updating the post as new info was learned. This post is where I do that all over again, as though I’ve started a blog tradition. Continue reading “Virtual reality at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (updated 7/14)”

Sony has announced contents of PSVR demo disc

Sony is hosting an event tomorrow at which they’re expected to announce updated PS4 models. The real question hanging over them is do the new models offer an advantage for users of the forthcoming PlayStation VR. In the lead up to the event Sony has taken advantage of the hype by announcing details about the demo disc included with the PSVR. Continue reading “Sony has announced contents of PSVR demo disc”

Facebook introduces 360 video stabilization

At the @Scale Conference in San Jose, California this week Facebook announced that they are internally testing video stabilization for 360° videos hosted on It’s really easy for 360 videos to give people motion sickness. There are best practices to be employed when recording them but most consumers either don’t know or don’t care about those practices. People treat 360 cameras like they treat GoPro cameras, but a 360 view from atop helmets and surfboards makes for nauseating viewing. Fortunately Facebook is coming to the rescue of consumers and is doing something important for the growth of virtual reality. Continue reading “Facebook introduces 360 video stabilization”

Virtual reality at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 (updated 7/19)

For the past few years there have been virtual reality experiences available at San Diego Comic-Con, but to say that VR was a presence at the con would be to overstate it. The 2014 convention had a 90-second X-Men experience on Oculus Rift at the Fox booth and a Sleepy Hollow Rift experience of about the same duration at on off-site location. The 2015 convention had OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead VR experience available at Walker Stalker Fest, which was an off-site event. 2016 has been crowed as The Year of Virtual Reality. This year’s SDCC will reflect that with enough VR to strain a VR blogger’s schedule. Continue reading “Virtual reality at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 (updated 7/19)”

Recap of Sony’s PSVR announcements at E3 2016

Technically E3 begins today, but Sony, Microsoft, and more held press conferences the day before the Expo opened. It was known in advance that Sony wasn’t going to bring their new PS 4K to the Expo, and they instead packed their announcement with game news and previews. Making games and hardware for both TV monitors and VR goggles, Sony covered a lot of ground. I’m only going to recap their virtual reality/PSVR news. Continue reading “Recap of Sony’s PSVR announcements at E3 2016”

Best Buy is offering PSVR demos

Tomorrow marks the beginning of E3 2016 in Los Angeles, but electronics retailer Best Buy is already looking beyond it with a new promotion on their website. They’ve added a banner to the top of their home site offering E3 news and the ability to pre-order “E3 Video Games”. Clicking though takes you to a landing site full of news articles and videos from the Expo. Most relevant to my interests is a section in the middle of the page that offers in-store PSVR demos. Continue reading “Best Buy is offering PSVR demos”