I like some isolation in virtual reality

I’m not really a gamer. When I was a wee tot I got my first gaming console. I played it into the ground. Every couple of years I’d get the next gen console and do the same. Somewhere along the line I got my first home computer and I gamed on it until it was obsolete. Then rather abruptly, in my late teen years, I was done with video games. I didn’t know it at the time, though. It wasn’t a conscious choice. It’s taken years of hindsight to see the pattern and to stop identifying myself as a gamer. The entirety of my early video gaming life was done before the internet was a thing. When I needed an opponent it was a friend sitting next to me or it was the lying, cheating computer opponent. It wasn’t until my first MMO that I got used to playing with people I’ve never met. I remember joining a guild and they all spoke with microphones while I had to enter text through my keyboard. I didn’t last long with them. I wasn’t social enough to take it to the level of voice communication. I wasn’t gamer enough to take it to the level of voice communication. Continue reading “I like some isolation in virtual reality”

Wherein I gush about Farpoint

I was hesitant to buy Farpoint on its release last week. More precisely, I was hesitant to buy Farpoint and the Aim controller on their release last week. I’m okay to spend $50 on a game and I’m okay to spend $30 on a new controller, but when they come bundled together I feel like I’m spending $80 on a game. If the game sucked and I spent $80 on it then I’m going to have a hard time with that situation. Fortunately, upon buying the bundle, what I got was the exact opposite of suck; Farpoint is the best virtual reality experience I’ve had to date. Continue reading “Wherein I gush about Farpoint”

YouTube needs a better VR presence

I routinely access YouTube on my phone and tablet and I Chromecast it to my TV. Less often, but still periodically, I pull on my VR goggles and watch YouTube in 360°. I do this with Gear VR, PSVR, and Cardboard headsets. Of those three YouTube is best viewed on Cardboard. Maybe I’m being naïve, since I know that Google owns both YouTube and Cardboard, but I really expect the better headsets to deliver the better experience. Continue reading “YouTube needs a better VR presence”

The VR I’m sharing this holiday

Most of my family has tried virtual reality at this point. I’ve owned a Gear VR for well over a year and it’s been brought out at family gatherings for all to try. Oddly, none of my friends have tried VR because it never seems to come out at friend gatherings. This weekend we’ll be hosting plenty of family and friends at our home. I’m eager to show off my shiny, new PlayStation VR. I’ve worked out a strategy for what I’m showing to whom. Continue reading “The VR I’m sharing this holiday”

Sony has announced contents of PSVR demo disc

Sony is hosting an event tomorrow at which they’re expected to announce updated PS4 models. The real question hanging over them is do the new models offer an advantage for users of the forthcoming PlayStation VR. In the lead up to the event Sony has taken advantage of the hype by announcing details about the demo disc included with the PSVR. Continue reading “Sony has announced contents of PSVR demo disc”

My favorite apps after one year with Gear VR

One of the reasons why I first bought a Samsung smartphone was because there were accessories for it. For years I was jealous of all the fabulous add-ons that iPhone users could buy. As soon as Samsung’s Galaxy line was a break out hit I got in on it. I bought all of the add-ons. Continue reading “My favorite apps after one year with Gear VR”

Recap of Sony’s PSVR announcements at E3 2016

Technically E3 begins today, but Sony, Microsoft, and more held press conferences the day before the Expo opened. It was known in advance that Sony wasn’t going to bring their new PS 4K to the Expo, and they instead packed their announcement with game news and previews. Making games and hardware for both TV monitors and VR goggles, Sony covered a lot of ground. I’m only going to recap their virtual reality/PSVR news. Continue reading “Recap of Sony’s PSVR announcements at E3 2016”