Recap of Sony’s PSVR announcements at E3 2016

Technically E3 begins today, but Sony, Microsoft, and more held press conferences the day before the Expo opened. It was known in advance that Sony wasn’t going to bring their new PS 4K to the Expo, and they instead packed their announcement with game news and previews. Making games and hardware for both TV monitors and VR goggles, Sony covered a lot of ground. I’m only going to recap their virtual reality/PSVR news. Continue reading “Recap of Sony’s PSVR announcements at E3 2016”

Best Buy is offering PSVR demos

Tomorrow marks the beginning of E3 2016 in Los Angeles, but electronics retailer Best Buy is already looking beyond it with a new promotion on their website. They’ve added a banner to the top of their home site offering E3 news and the ability to pre-order “E3 Video Games”. Clicking though takes you to a landing site full of news articles and videos from the Expo. Most relevant to my interests is a section in the middle of the page that offers in-store PSVR demos. Continue reading “Best Buy is offering PSVR demos”